Inspirational Reblog to heighten the senses…

There was a sound coming from the central square. A sound they’d never heard before, so smooth and soft, so beautiful. There was something in the tones, between the tones that made the world seem like a better place, the sky a bit bluer, the problems lighter to carry. There was a man sitting there. […]

via One Day Music Came — Fictionspawn Monsters

Author: QuietBlogster

A) Art B) Books C) Music D) Nature E) All of the above

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Reblog to heighten the senses…”

  1. Lovely reblog, thank you. I went there and read the whole story. The magic and blessing of music has been with us since the beginning but sometimes we lose it and need someone like the Fictionspawn violinist to remind us…

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