A Quiet Trip to India


It’s official! In February of 2018, I will be traveling across northeastern India for 11 days. My plane lands in Delhi and departs from Calcutta, which means I’ll be training, bussing, biking or hitchhiking through the following cities: Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi. If anyone has advice of where to go, how to get there, what to see, etc, I’d greatly appreciate it. This is my first trip to India and I hope to make it an unforgettable one. Namaste.


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51 thoughts on “A Quiet Trip to India”

  1. Hello. I welcome you to my country with open arms.
    Jaipur: city palace, hawa mahal, laxmi misthan bhandar- try the ghewar dessert, ranas store, rajasthali store: its a government certified store and you won’t be swindled here. Evening visit to chowkidhaani to experience authentic Rajasthani culture.

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      1. That’s so nice. Even I love travelling and learning about new cultures. Where are you from? Maybe you can give me tips if I ever plan to visit.

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  2. Agra- taj mahal, fatehpur sikri- the bulland darwaza is UNESCO certified. Tomb of salim chisti, Agra fort. Do try the famous kesar petha (a dessert made of candied squash and flavoured with saffron). Do try authentic seekh kebab and other famous meat dishes.. Oh and yeah, carry some meds coz you don’t want to be down with the loosies!!

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      1. Sounds perfect to me. Kolkata’s new market, dakshineshwar temple, Howrah bridge, Victoria museum, Flurry’s for a hearty English breakfast if you feel homesick.


  3. In Delhi: red fort, north block, raj path, humayun’s tomb, old fort, lodhi gardens, national museum to see Indus valley civilization artefacts, roshan Ara baag , dholpur house chat: aloo fry and fresh fruit chat. Connaught place: caventers and nirulas for food. Sarojini market for cheap shopping. Nizamuddin for Delhi’s iconic meat dishes. Khan chacha’s at khan market, Chandni chowk old market for the best samosas and kachoris and authentic Indian spices, and textiles.

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  4. Welcome to India! If you like spiritual places, do visit Hrushikesh and Haridwar in Uttarakhand. These are beautiful places with great positive vibes. Do not miss evening Aarti (religious prayers) at Ganga Ghat (Ganges). It is magical to witness the aura during evening aarti – mostly it is at 7 pm at both the places, but you can check with any local person in advance.

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      1. Everyday! They do it 2 times a day -morning and evening. I am not sure about the exact timing in the morning, it is 5 am i suppose but in evenings it is at 7 pm. It will be a good idea to confirm the time beforehand with locals or the ghat so that u can reach there on time. Many visitor come there in the evening so it is advisable to be there an hr before so that u get a good place to stand and a get a good view of Aarti. I will try to send you some links which will give u more information

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      2. Here u go!
        This is a website of hrushikesh and haridwar tourism but the aarti timings could be different than stated here so like i said before its best to check with the local people. Try to attend evening aarti since it is more magnificent. This link also tells you which side on the ghat will give u the best view. I visited this place 2 yrs ago and i was overwhelmed. Let me know how u like it if u get to cover this one.


  5. Delhi and Arga are a must because we have a lot of history in those cities. You could also consider Jaipur or Udaipur which are famous for its palaces : https://www.lonelyplanet.com/india/rajasthan/jaipur

    There’s the Golden Temple in Amritsar which is the holiest place for Sikhs in India. It is a one day trip at the max and you can also see Jallian Wala Bagh (where hundreds of Innocents were massacred by the British Raj) and Wagah Border – where the Indian and Pakistani army face off in a fancy retreat.


    And if you come to Mumbai you get to see india’s financial capital – a far cry from Delhi’s prettiness but you can go to Elephanta Island and see ancient caves.


    All the best!

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