When will I surrender,

not as a villain,

but as a pious man?

When will I give in,

not to avoid stress,

but to contribute?

When will I bow down,

not to exercise weakness,

but to express humility?

When will I let go, 

not to forget the past,

but to seize the moment?

When . . .

( Poem by Quiet Riley / Artwork by Ai Jing )


Author: QuietBlogster

A) Art B) Books C) Music D) Nature E) All of the above

4 thoughts on “Surrender”

  1. Why surrender, if you’re not a villain? Sometimes we have to give in ,in order to let the things flow. Your spirit is loving , acquiring and full of modesty; why would you need humility? Letting go is never easy; but you are already on your path, moving ahead. What needs to be let to go, it sinks deeper and deeper into the scar tissue, with each new step forward. And hopefully, that sizeable moment will emerge when you will be ready for it.

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