I believe everyone has a care tank, a receptacle that stores genuine feelings of mercy, compassion, generosity and unconditional love. Some have tanks as big as the sun. Some have tanks as small as crumbs. But we all have one, somewhere in the deep cosmos of our hearts.

What happens is these feelings are in a constant flux of filling and draining, kinda like a coffee mug with a crack running down its side.

Feelings pour in.

Feelings seep out.

Pour in.

Seep out.

All throughout our youth and old age.

Once someone has “cared too much” for someone or something, the tank empties and a state of blinding apathy spreads, causing our hearts to grow cold and distant (ie impure). This emptiness allows other feelings to enter (many quite ugly). They take over our character and drag our thoughts into a bottomless pit, where they can hide underneath rocks and scatter about like bloodless insects.

What is the solution to this obvious misstep of humanity?

Sealing the crack with glue?

Getting a new mug at Walmart?

The solution is easy:

Invest in the people and things you truly admire and tolerate the rest, no matter how different they may seem.

And if someone should try your patience and spit in your care tank, simply strain out their insolence and yield whatever judgment your heart desires, for the pure-hearted are the ultimate judge and jury.

Happy new year wherever you are.

– Quiet –


Lonely Heart

A lonely heart can make you beg.

A lonely heart can make you cry.

A lonely heart can twist and turn you,

Wringing every feeling dry.

A lonely heart welcomes the dead.

A lonely heart obscures the light.

A lonely heart wallows in darkness,

Cursing everything in sight.

* Quiet *


When will I surrender,

not as a villain,

but as a pious man?

When will I give in,

not to avoid stress,

but to contribute?

When will I bow down,

not to exercise weakness,

but to express humility?

When will I let go, 

not to forget the past,

but to seize the moment?

When . . .

( Poem by Quiet Riley / Artwork by Ai Jing )