Back to the drawing board…


This was a paper model of the board game, Monsters vs Robots, whose rules and objectives were akin to classic checkers and chess. After numerous battles across gold and purple diamonds, it became quite clear that a massive overhaul was needed.

As a result, a new board was designed and will soon be tested by Mary Bardyukova and I for our forthcoming cosmic game book. Hopefully, we’ll get things right on the second go.

If you have any suggestions, please share.


Favorite “Farscape” Character

Last month we blasted into the Gamma Quadrant by exploring the timeless question, “Who is your favorite DS9 character?” This month we blast into a wormhole with the not-so-follow-up, “How about Farscape?”

For me, the choice is easy. Although D’Argo is a Luxan badass and Moya the coolest living spaceship ever, I choose Zhaan the Delvian priestess. Why? Zhaan has everything I adore in a woman: wisdom, compassion, generosity, beauty and danger. If only she lived a little closer to Earth.

Indulge my curiosity. Who is your favorite character?

Revive Pt 1/2

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Fictionspawn Monsters


Freakinstone was a scientist, and he was crazy. Good old spickedly mad, as they said in the village. After the great destruction, science was still evolving, but at a personal level, like in the old days. He had learned from his father, and he had access to a lot of old technology from the great metal disposal area close to his old castle.

He used electronic devices to get dead things to life. A mix of chords and circuits of copper and liquid biochemical substances had already gotten several species back from death.

He’d started out with a beetle. Insects were easier, their cells seemed to regenerate faster, and there were more cells that were expendable. The battery assured energy. He pushed the little button. It didn’t move, just lay there. He had to have done something wrong. Somewhere in his calculations there had to be some kind of…

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The Old Man who Knew — Fictionspawn Monsters

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There was a great carpet dwelling above the world. Inside it. Around it. It was conscious, yet not intelligent. Awake, but it did not think. One, a spectre of selves, everywhere and nowhere. No one knew how it worked, not even itself. It was pure observation. It knew, but did not calculate. It felt, but […]

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Match-A-Monster card game

IMG_6239Here’s another snippet from a cosmic activity book. It’s called Match-A-Monster and was designed by my collaborator, Maria Bardyukova. Feel free to stop by her blog at