Shel Silver-Sunday!


Hiding our true selves to please others truly keeps us alone.

Let’s embrace our differences and

 allow our colors to shine!


Help Droll Decode


Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book coming out this summer. The objective is to help the halfwitted life-form, Droll Spades, decode a secret message found in my upcoming YA novel, Flights of Superstar Humbucker. Although anyone (human or extraterrestrial) can help, this puzzle is intended for organisms aged 7 to 14.



Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book my collaborator, Mary, and I have been working on. It’s a classical reasoning game called Odd-One-Out, where 3-4 words are provided, but one doesn’t fit, thus being the odd one out.

This game is ideal for 5-8 year olds.