Book Preview—A Bumpy Journey


Hey readers and readettes, Maria and I are working on a new children’s book called A Bumpy Journey, about a hapless rock searching for his purpose in life. Today I’m posting the unfinished version of page 5, where poor and pebbly Bumpy is being sent on his way (yet again!). Look out for A Bumpy Journey sometime in late-2018. Until then, I’ll be posting more teasers for your viewing pleasure. Have a rockin’ day! – Quiet Riley


The Cosmic Maze

This GalacTuesday, my second grade student, Ruby, zips her way through the Cosmic Maze, eventually warping to Earth and returning home before supper. If you would like to try this space-age puzzle (or many others), let me know and I’ll send you a copy of The Galactivity Book via Smashwords.



Help Droll Decode


Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book coming out this summer. The objective is to help the halfwitted life-form, Droll Spades, decode a secret message found in my upcoming YA novel, Flights of Superstar Humbucker. Although anyone (human or extraterrestrial) can help, this puzzle is intended for organisms aged 7 to 14.



Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book my collaborator, Mary, and I have been working on. It’s a classical reasoning game called Odd-One-Out, where 3-4 words are provided, but one doesn’t fit, thus being the odd one out.

This game is ideal for 5-8 year olds.