New Year’s Resolution #8: Do More Yoga

Yoga Bones

As I formulate my New Year’s resolutions for 2018, I will most-definitely add do more yoga to that list. Not only is yoga a great physical and mental workout, but it’s an effective way to understand the body (bones, muscles, internal organs, etc). Having performed various stretches and postures called asanas, I’ve realized that (besides being as limber as dried-up coral washed ashore), my body parts have grown quite imbalanced. For example, my left arm and leg are way more flexible than my right arm and leg. Why is that? What scientific phenomenon has caused this disparity throughout the years? Besides this question, doing yoga has brought up many, many more. And it’s asking questions about ourselves and the world around us that keeps our minds on the path of curiosity and creativity. So get ready, yoga mat, you’ll be seeing more of my rigid skeleton in 2018!


Tis the Season to be Nostalgic…

As always, winter instills my heart with nostalgia—memories of cold yet cozy days building grotesque snowmen, cardboard-sledding down icy hills, sitting before a fireplace of smoldering telephone books. Maybe it was nostalgia that compelled me to join an etching workshop. Not sure. But I’m really glad I did! Fond memories flood my mind as I dig a stylus onto a green tablet, etching dragons, snow lotuses, arctic monkeys and sometimes blood from my unwieldly thumb. OUCH!

Here are the results so far…