The Phoenix Tree

Phoenix Tree

Burning scarlet red

before a sky of blue.

The phoenix tree inspires,

turning ashes into gold.

– Quiet 2018 –


Last Day in India, part 1

After experiencing a wonderful journey through India, the time has come to post my final days, starting with Sarnath, the city where Buddha first taught the dharma, and ending in Kolkata, the official capital of West Bengal.

I hope you enjoyed my photos!

– Quiet –

Reflections on the Ganges River

From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, the Ganga reflects, absorbs, merges and transforms. Surging from the locks of Siva’s hair as he sits atop the mighty Himalayas, it flows 1,600 miles southeast before spilling into the Bay of Bengal, touching the bodies and souls of millions along the way.

Exploring Agra

Contrary to what most tourists do, I recommend staying in Agra, India for at least one night before seeing the Taj Mahal. That way you can witness the extravagant weddings-on-wheels that traverse the city at night. Music, dancing and wild colors paint the bustling streets as couples descend from all over India to proclaim their undying love.