Day 6: Vrindavan


Shakti Maa

Meandering through Vrindavan is a frenetic thing (which is great for those with adventurous hearts). From dawn to dusk, the city is filled with nonstop energy! People worshipping deities, drinking chai, haggling with merchants, chanting mantras, dodging monkeys and cows, driving to who knows where in cars, bikes and rickety rickshaws. Everyday something new and exciting happens. That’s Vrindavan’s charm (and curse if you step in something mushy).

One of my favorite things to do was walk alongside Yamuna as the sun set and lanterns sailed across her violet waters, hearing the soothing chime of temple bells as swamis commenced their nightly puja.


Day 3: Bharatpur

On my 3rd day in India, I stayed with my friend’s family in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of country life. During this precious occasion, Suresh introduced me to his wife and daughter, offered me homemade chai and curd, explained the difference between cows and oxen, gave me a tour of his wheat fields, and accompanied me to the local Shiva Temple (which is looked after by his older brother, Baba Ramdava). As the rooster’s call broke dawn, I watched attentively as Baba cleansed its sacred interior, performed morning puja and recited hymns from the Bhagavad Gita. These rituals would awaken my third eye and keep me in a calm, spiritual state throughout my trip. Hari Om!

Last Day in India, part 1

After experiencing a wonderful journey through India, the time has come to post my final days, starting with Sarnath, the city where Buddha first taught the dharma, and ending in Kolkata, the official capital of West Bengal.

I hope you enjoyed my photos!

– Quiet –

Reflections on the Ganges River

From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, the Ganga reflects, absorbs, merges and transforms. Surging from the locks of Siva’s hair as he sits atop the mighty Himalayas, it flows 1,600 miles southeast before spilling into the Bay of Bengal, touching the bodies and souls of millions along the way.