Instead of shaking my head, biting my lip or waving my fist at this crazy thing we call humanity, I’ve chosen to quietly write a poem. My intention isn’t to offend, but if it does, please contemplate this question: Isn’t it better to express one’s disillusion creatively than…?


Two-Thousand-7-Teen – – – – – – –

Angel hearts once made of gold

have turned to green, allergic mold

Acts of selfless charity

have turned to selfish memes of “me”

More and more the trumpet plays

More and more Lord Visa pays

Buying “bliss” at Jezebar

where clients hiss and “students” star

Will false idols lose their praise?

arousing cattle from their graze

Seers will boast, “most certainly”

and if they’re wrong, please don’t yell at me



Shel Silver-Sunday!

in love copy

Okay, so maybe this post should be titled Shel Silver-Saturday (what with it being Saturday and all), but since today is Singles’ Day (11/11), I think we can let it slide.

Happy Singles’ Day!

Shel Silver-Sunday!

babysitter copy

Okay, so crazy doesn’t exactly rhyme with baby,

but nobody’s perfect (especially this baby-sitter).


Shel Silver-Sunday!


How Prince Charming developed a footphobia.



The Indispensable Camel

While trekking through the Gobi Desert, I developed a newfound appreciation for camels, the indispensable mammals of ancient and modern times, so I wrote a poem about them. It goes like this:

Graceful and grumpity

Loyal and lumpity

The camel treads on whenever she’s told

Mangy and moppity

Bouncy and bobbity

The camel delivers whatever she holds

A lifetime of work and little to play

She asks not for prestige, pity nor pay

Just a canopy of stars to guide the way

And a reasonable ration of flavorless hay



Share a Squary Saturday w/ Rounda Rosy

19 FINAL copy

It’s Squary Saturday!

Here’s a snippet from Welcome to Squareville, a children’s book about a young Sphere named Rounda who moves into a village filled with Squares. Ridiculed at first, she learns to stand up for herself and teach the stubborn Squares a thing or two about being round.

Touching upon pivotal themes such as social tolerance and self worth, this brightly-colored picture book promises to inspire the roundness in us all.

Leave a comment for a Smashwords coupon.

Quiet Riley

SV AD 1 copy


An Ode to Mother Earth on a Rainy Day


Her hair flows freely

like a monk’s silken robe:

the rain

the stream

the river

Her hands bloom softly

above fertile soil:

the fir

the rose

the lotus

Her eyes glow faintly

behind endless cloud:

the moon

the stars

the sun


She sees all

She hears all

She feels all

She gives all

– Quiet –