Sarcastic Narcosis #6: Commander-in-Denial

Commander in Denial

The bowels have spoken!


Sarcastic Narcosis #7: Social Networker

Brain on FB

This is our brains on FB.

Any questions?

Speed Sketching: You Should Try!

Throughout my quiet existence on Earth, I have tried speed dialing, speed writing, heck, even speed dating (in my defense, I was tagging along with friends), but never before have I tried Speed Sketching–that is, until last night! Fourteen artists (some amateur, some pro) gathered inside a small, dingy room in some remote Chinese neighborhood where people hang-dry their shoes, socks and undergarments for all to see.

The Rules: one artist poses front and center for 1 minute while everyone else sketches away. Some artists used watercolors, pencils and charcoal. Others (such as myself) used iPads. After wrestling with the timer, dim lighting and plenty of shaken nerves, my flat screen displayed the following doodles:

As you can tell, there isn’t much to see (remember, 60 seconds). Below are the artists’ sketches of me. Two are fun and realistic. One is quite grotesque. Can you guess which one?

Help Droll Decode


Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book coming out this summer. The objective is to help the halfwitted life-form, Droll Spades, decode a secret message found in my upcoming YA novel, Flights of Superstar Humbucker. Although anyone (human or extraterrestrial) can help, this puzzle is intended for organisms aged 7 to 14.