W.T.F.B.C: The Ancient Shu

If anyone knows my (let’s just say) eccentric thinking patterns, they’ll know I’m profoundly into an ancient society called “the Shu.” The Shu were like if the Merry Pranksters, Pink Floyd, Amazonian shamans, Salvador Dali and the entire crew of Deep Space Nine time-warped to Ancient China and started a new civilization.

According to scholars, the Shu inhabited the plains of what is now Sichuan Province from 2,000 to 300BC (~Shang Dynasty, Egyptian New Kingdom, Olmec, Mayan times). What fascinates me is how they seemed to balance surreal art and sculpture, tribal music, mysticism, nature worship, Shamanism, controlled chaos, humor and so much more into their daily lives. While the Shang bloodlines were building a strong and austere dynasty hundreds of miles to the east, the Shu were performing pagan rituals, gilding bizarre masks and possibly riding elephants through their psychedelic cities. 

Check out these artifacts from the latest exhibit in Guangdong and see for yourself. 

By the way, W.T.F.B.C. is a new series about, well, the name is self-explanatory.

– Quiet Jr –


Egypt: The Land of Psycles

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Ode to the Sphinx

Guardian of the Nile

How many mornings have you stood?

How many breaths have you taken?

How many wars have you watched?

How many worlds have you shaken?

For millennia you have stood

as Guardian of the Nile.

A job that robbed your beard and nose,

but not your placid smile.

– Quiet 2019 –

Day 1: Chengdu, China

After years of meandering on mind and foot, I have come to the realization that ancient civilizations around the world have shared ideas. How was this done (via ships, aircraft, portals, inter-dimensional contact, dreams, collective unconscious… ) is what the discussion should really be about. The parallels of Angkor and Mayan architecture. The talk of an ancient flood. Trees of Life. Mummification. Jade’s connection with the afterlife. The proof flows longer than the Nile.

This is what brought my latest meanderings to Chengdu, China, where the ancient Shu lived over 3,000 years ago. Very different from the Shang Dynasty (who lived 700 miles northeast at the time), the Shu took a shamanistic approach to life, connecting with spiritual realms through elaborate ceremony and sacrifice and building monuments very similar to those found in Central and South America (but how?).

Today’s blog include Shu artifacts from the Jinsha Museum. Enjoy!

Day 11: Goodbye, India


While exploring the ruins of Maharishi’s ashram, I came across many trippy murals which made me wonder what folks were on back in the day.

Who knows? Maybe they were simply high on Transcendental Meditation.

lotus guru

Before leaving the ashram, I thanked all the creative souls for sharing their visions of beauty, bliss and the great beyond…

…and contributed a few words for the future.

Hari Om