The Cosmic Maze

This GalacTuesday, my second grade student, Ruby, zips her way through the Cosmic Maze, eventually warping to Earth and returning home before supper. If you would like to try this space-age puzzle (or many others), let me know and I’ll send you a copy of The Galactivity Book via Smashwords.




Introducing Snobbity Snowman

Snobbity WP copy

Hello, everyone! As winter approaches, I’ll be posting pages from my new children’s book, Snobbity Snowman, from now until the new year. If you would like a free copy, let me know and I’ll send you a Smashwords coupon. In this page, we introduce our main character by showing just how snobbity he can be towards others.

32 SNOWMAN copy

Calming the Heart and Soul

Sifting through these photos of Sri Lanka, I realize life is all about connecting. Why do we do anything? Listen to music. Watch a movie. Play in a band. Write a novel, a blog. Travel abroad. Take photos. Go to a bar. Say a prayer. Watch the sunset. Connection. Connection with nature, humanity, the ethereal, an idea, ourselves.

If we didn’t, life would have little meaning.

Temple of the Tooth

Day 8 of my travels through Sri Lanka takes me to Kandy, the third point of the Golden Triangle where hillsides produce Ceylon tea leaves, outdoor markets bustle from dawn to dusk and one of the Buddha’s teeth is secretly stored inside a temple. It turns out relics of Siddhartha Gautama (mostly his bones and hair) were collected by monks and kings nearly 2,500 years ago and allocated throughout Asia. In Buddhist society, owning such a relic would have garnered immense power and prestige. Even though tourists were unable to glimpse the sacred tooth (which was stored in a secret chamber), the tribal music and ceremony surrounding it filled hundreds of curious hearts with awe.