Share a Squary Saturday w/ Rounda Rosy

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It’s Squary Saturday!

Here’s a snippet from Welcome to Squareville, a children’s book about a young Sphere named Rounda who moves into a village filled with Squares. Ridiculed at first, she learns to stand up for herself and teach the stubborn Squares a thing or two about being round.

Touching upon pivotal themes such as social tolerance and self worth, this brightly-colored picture book promises to inspire the roundness in us all.

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Quiet Riley

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An Ode to Mother Earth on a Rainy Day


Her hair flows freely

like a monk’s silken robe:

the rain

the stream

the river

Her hands bloom softly

above fertile soil:

the fir

the rose

the lotus

Her eyes glow faintly

behind endless cloud:

the moon

the stars

the sun


She sees all

She hears all

She feels all

She gives all

– Quiet –



This week, Zombie tries his luck with the Galactivity Book. 

But instead of eating brains, he has to use his brain

(which I’m not exactly sure he has)


“Earthlings, beware! Your brain cells are under attack! Gather your wits and defend yourselves or face annihilation!”

Invading bookstores everywhere, The Galactivity Book is a blast for the entire family. Whether playing at home, on a train or the passenger seat of an airplane, 32 pages of space-themed brain-teasers, word puzzles, logical tasks and strategic games are sure to keep you and the kids entertained.

So get your copy today and master the skills to survive a brain invasion tomorrow!