Happy Squareday!


Here’s a clip from Welcome to Squareville, a story about a Sphere named Rounda Rosy who moves into a neighborhood filled with Squares. Snubbed at first, Rounda learns to stand by her spherical nature and show the stubborn Squares that she’s indeed worthy of their respect.

I’ll post more clips in the near future.

Until then, Happy Squareday!

Quiet Riley

Get Your Quirk On!

Gotta share my favorite kinda art: Quirk Art!

Trojan Crédits photo : Terry Border La revanche de la soupe Crédits photo : Terry Border Le voyageur Crédits photo : Terry Border Immolation public Crédits photo : Terry Border Hamlet was nuts Crédits photo : Terry Border Keep fresh! Crédits photo : Terry Border Muffins are best! Crédits photo : Terry Border Le […]

via Terry Border’s Bent Objects Takes a Fun, Quirky Look at Your Favorite … — FLOW ART STATION

GalacTuesday: Match-A-Monster

This GalacTuesday we watch as my student, Kristen, embarrasses me in a game of Match-A-Monster. Using a short-term memory uncannily-advanced for most species her age, she manages to stack 9 pairs of grotesque monsters to my meager 5, winning a sugar-loaded prize in the end.

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