Book Preview—A Bumpy Journey


Hey readers and readettes, Maria and I are working on a new children’s book called A Bumpy Journey, about a hapless rock searching for his purpose in life. Today I’m posting the unfinished version of page 5, where poor and pebbly Bumpy is being sent on his way (yet again!). Look out for A Bumpy Journey sometime in late-2018. Until then, I’ll be posting more teasers for your viewing pleasure. Have a rockin’ day! – Quiet Riley



When will I surrender,

not as a villain,

but as a pious man?

When will I give in,

not to avoid stress,

but to contribute?

When will I bow down,

not to exercise weakness,

but to express humility?

When will I let go, 

not to forget the past,

but to seize the moment?

When . . .

( Poem by Quiet Riley / Artwork by Ai Jing )

A Chat Among Friends, pt.1

Setting: A ma and pa coffee shop in San Fran, California

Friend #1: Hey friend, where are you off to?

Friend #2: The Arctic Circle. I’m adopting a polar bear for a pet.

Friend #1: A polar bear?!? Are you crazy?

Friend #2: What? Is there something wrong with polar bears?

Friend #1: Of course! Don’t you know they’re huge? An adult can reach up to 10 feet in height and weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Friend #2: You’re right. It’ll never fit in my Kia.

Friend #1: Not only that, but polar bears are quite dangerous. Their teeth and claws are sharper than samurai swords.

Friend #2: Hey friend, thanks for letting me know. My in-laws are staying for two weeks and I wouldn’t want…(he pauses for a moment, then shakes his head). Can you recommend something else?

Friend #1: How about a Diamondback Rattlesnake? They’re much smaller than polar bears and easier to take care of. You can hop on the Interstate and pick one up in a jiffy.

Friend #2: A rattlesnake? That’s…that’s the greatest idea ever! The wife just delivered our first and you know how newborns love those sounds they make.

Barista #4: Cinnamon chai latte! 

Friend #1: Ah, my drink is ready. Happy travels, friend.