Day 4: Vrindavan

Warning: When visiting Vrindavan, one must be watchful of monkeys. They are known to snatch bags, food, cameras and other belongings right out of people’s hands. Driving in a tuk-tuk through downtown Vrindavan, one of those light-footed rascals snatched my new sunglasses right off my unsuspecting head. Hitting the brakes, the driver turned around and asked if I’d like to “re-purchase” them from the monkey’s owner. Refusing to be scammed (and feeling quite foolish about the whole thing), I shook my head and told him to proceed (the monkey waving a pair of knockoff Ray-Bans over an amused crowd).


After checking into Radha Palace, a simple and economical hotel near the main temples, I gathered my wits and walked to Prem Mandir, a beautiful white temple that narrates the glorious childhood of Vrindavan’s own, Lord Krsna.


Gaining a better understanding of Krsna and His many feats, I clutched my belongings and exited the temple gates, making sure a monkey didn’t catch me off-guard and snatch away my inner peace.

Swing of Love


Day 2: Delhi

One cannot rediscover the splendor of Ancient India without cruising through the National Museum of Delhi. Sad to say, all the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa galleries were closed for renovation.

To my joyous surprise, the cutest paintings of Lord Krishna were displayed in the Medieval Gallery, so all wasn’t lost. Hari Om!