Tis the Season to be Nostalgic…

As always, winter instills my heart with nostalgia—memories of cold yet cozy days building grotesque snowmen, cardboard-sledding down icy hills, sitting before a fireplace of smoldering telephone books. Maybe it was nostalgia that compelled me to join an etching workshop. Not sure. But I’m really glad I did! Fond memories flood my mind as I dig a stylus onto a green tablet, etching dragons, snow lotuses, arctic monkeys and sometimes blood from my unwieldly thumb. OUCH!

Here are the results so far…


Señor Snobbity ha llegado!

Here is page 3 of Señor Snobbity, a Christmas picture book available in English and now Spanish. If you or a loved one would like to pre-order one, please click here.

Senor Snobbity 3

For friends and familia interested in a free copy, let me know and I’ll send you a Smashwords coupon. Have a snobbulous week!

Dali/Picasso Exhibit, Part 1

This weekend I stopped by the Salvador Dali & Pablo Picasso exhibit in Shenzhen, China. Being a Dali enthusiast, I spent five surreal hours getting lost in his work (with two much-needed breaks in between). The exhibit was truly immersive, not only showcasing mind-bending prints, portraits and sculptures, but including large-scale replicas of psychedelic sofas and melting clocks for one’s selfie pursuits. Since the collection was quite large, this post will be split into two parts. Enjoy!


Instead of shaking my head, biting my lip or waving my fist at this crazy thing we call humanity, I’ve chosen to quietly write a poem. My intention isn’t to offend, but if it does, please contemplate this question: Isn’t it better to express one’s disillusion creatively than…?


Two-Thousand-7-Teen – – – – – – –

Angel hearts once made of gold

have turned to green, allergic mold

Acts of selfless charity

have turned to selfish memes of “me”

More and more the trumpet plays

More and more Lord Visa pays

Buying “bliss” at Jezebar

where clients hiss and “students” star

Will false idols lose their praise?

arousing cattle from their graze

Seers will boast, “most certainly”

and if they’re wrong, please don’t yell at me


Presenta Señor Snobbity!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 2.04.56 AM copy2 for WP

Good news: Snobbity Snowman will soon be available in Spanish! Here are both versions of page two, where Snobbity and the Merrigolds are spending a “lovely” afternoon together. Look out for a third page next week and have a Snobbulous Sunday!

32 SNOWMAN copy