Squareville Snippet #2

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Happy Square Day!

Here’s another snippet from Welcome to Squareville, a children’s book about a young Sphere named Rounda who moves into a village filled with Squares. Ridiculed at first, Rounda learns to stand up for herself and teach the stubborn Squares a thing or two about being round.

Touching upon pivotal themes such as making new friends, accepting others, moving to a new city and standing up for oneself, this brightly-colored picture book promises to inspire the roundness in us all.

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Quiet Riley

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Happy Squareday!


Here’s a clip from Welcome to Squareville, a story about a Sphere named Rounda Rosy who moves into a neighborhood filled with Squares. Snubbed at first, Rounda learns to stand by her spherical nature and show the stubborn Squares that she’s indeed worthy of their respect.

I’ll post more clips in the near future.

Until then, Happy Squareday!

Quiet Riley

GalacTuesday: the book launch


After aeons of trials and tribulations, The Galactivity Book is complete!

“Earthlings, beware! Your brain cells are under attack! Gather your wits and defend yourselves or face annihilation!”

Invading bookstores everywhere, The Galactivity Book is a blast for the entire family. Whether playing at home, on a train or the passenger seat of an airplane, 32 pages of space-themed brain-teasers, word puzzles, logical tasks and strategic games are sure to keep you and the kids entertained.

So order your copy today and master the skills to survive a brain invasion tomorrow!

Every GalacTuesday I will post a snippet of someone playing one of these games. Although the book is intended for the whole family, the games will be most-enjoyed by elementary, middle-school and ESL students who are fascinated by monsters and/or outer space.

If you are interested in getting a copy, please tap on these Amazon and Smashwords links. And if you are interested in writing a review, please leave a comment and I will gladly email you a free Smashwords coupon.

Thanks for reading!

Quiet Riley Jr


Help Droll Decode


Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book coming out this summer. The objective is to help the halfwitted life-form, Droll Spades, decode a secret message found in my upcoming YA novel, Flights of Superstar Humbucker. Although anyone (human or extraterrestrial) can help, this puzzle is intended for organisms aged 7 to 14.



Here’s the latest snippet from a cosmic activity book my collaborator, Mary, and I have been working on. It’s a classical reasoning game called Odd-One-Out, where 3-4 words are provided, but one doesn’t fit, thus being the odd one out.

This game is ideal for 5-8 year olds.